Sales and Recruiting Manager

Fort Collins, CO

Job Description

Become part of the transportation revolution! zTrip is the largest taxi operation in the United States. zTrip is looking for a Sales and Recruitment Manager. This position needs a strong and enthusiastic person whose responsibility is to work with drivers and customers to grow the fleet. This is an all-encompassing position that requires quick thinking, strategic planning, and an aggressive attitude in order to be successful.

We believe that you and your family deserve more than just a paycheck. We believe that you should be able to enjoy your job, enjoy your coworkers and feel like you’re making a difference. In short, we feel that you should feel appreciated.


  • Update current and design new recruiting procedures (e.g. job application and onboarding processes)
  • Supervise the recruiting team and report on its performance
  • Recommend ways to improve our employer brand
  • Visit hotels, hospitals, bars restaurants and promote the zTrip brand
  • Participate in job fairs, networking events and career events
  • Build the company’s professional network through relationships with professionals, colleges and other partners


  • Proven work experience as a salesperson
  • Hospitality background a plus
  • Able to communicate easily
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and team management skills
  • Strong decision-making skills